Zucchini 8 Ways

At one point, I found myself with 7 zucchini in the refrigerator. How could I use them all up before they started to go bad? I’m the only one in my house who will eat zucchini, so I realized that it would be a real 434280085a8edbe2223d7fa0556c146echallenge. Five of the seven were normal sized, but two were massive, the size of my arm.

It was a Thursday night, so I started by cutting one into quarters and adding it to my chicken soup. I usually do this, so that was a no-brainer.

I’d recently made an onion quiche for a siyum. I don’t usually have pareve milk on hand,  but the quiche had only called for 1/2 a cup, so I had plenty extra. I decided to adapt the recipe to use a sauted zucchini in place of one of the onions. And so I used the second zucchini.

The following Sunday was Tisha B’av, so I decided to make a soup for after the fast. I used one of the massive zucchinis for that, but I wasn’t so pleased with the results, so i won’t share the recipe. I’ve noticed that zucchini soups taste better defrosted, so I froze the leftovers in portion-sized containers, and that was three down, four to go.

I used my food slicer to shred a zucchini, and I mixed into a sort of pancake, with, egg, flour, and a few other ingredients, for supper after the fast, but once again, wasn’t very pleased with the result. I think it would have gone better if I’d fried the mix instead of using PAM and  sandwich maker (which works very well for normal pancakes). Ah well – just three left!

I found a recipe for breaded zucchini with Italian dressing. I tried it, and enjoyed, though I thought it was bit too strong. But that was another down – just one huge one and a small one to go!

At that point, I was asking friends what they did with zucchini. One friend mentioned baking it with tomato sauce – which I can’t do, as I mentioned. Another suggested making bread or muffins. That sounded like a good idea, so I looked through my cookbooks, which I never really use – because I prefer my own cookbook. I found a recipe for muffins, which I made and very much enjoyed. It made 18 cupcakes and a tiny cake (I ran out of cupcake liners), and called for two cups of shredded zucchini. My second large zucchini was so huge that those two cups only used up half of it!

I found a recipe online for sauted zucchini with teriyaki and soy sauce. I made a small portion of it, and I think it was the best recipe find, because it was easy, quick, and really good. I made it twice, and that left over just about a quarter of my huge zucchini.

I couldn’t find any more recipes, though I looked around online for a while, so I decided to try the breaded zucchini again. Instead of using Italian dressing, I used honey mustard. It was pretty good!

And that was the end of the zucchini! And I haven’t bought any since!




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