Create a Cookbook

When I was dating, I realized that while I had cooked many of my mother’s recipes, I didn’t have any of them written down. I had once tried to write them down on index cards, but I lost the cards before I had a chance to copy too many. I decide that I should try to find a website online where I could type and store them, so that I would have them forever.

I found a website called I typed up some of my mother’s recipes, and added others that I found after I got married. Every time I try a recipe I like, whether it comes from in a cookbook, online, or  a friend, I add it to my online cookbook.


In the beginning, I kept my computer in my kitchen and looked up the recipes online when I wanted them.  After a while, my computer was filthy, and after I spilled water on it a couple of times, I realized I needed a new system. I bought a big package of sheet protectors and a looseleaf, and printed the pdf of the cookbook. Now I have a neat, waterproof, customized cookbook. Every once in a while, I reprint it, so it includes newer recipes I’ve found.



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