For My Child Book Release!

For My Child has been released!

The list price is $21.99+tax, but you can buy it for a flat rate of $20.

If you would like to order multiple copies for gifts, you’ll get an additional discount.

If you would rather buy it online, or would like to review it (which I’d appreciate), you can do so here.

Email to order a copy.

From the back cover:

The joyous anticipation of a first child is abruptly shattered when newlyweds Shlomo and Chana learn that their unborn baby may suffer from a rare genetic condition.

So begins their journey into a world of medical intricacies filled with difficult choices and agonizing decisions. They reach out, drawing support from their Rav, their parents, and each other.

A newly discovered family diary offers surprising support, too.

One of Chana’s ancestors was among the first Jewish immigrants to New Amsterdam in 1654. As she and Shlomo work together to type up the handwritten diary, they are drawn into the valiant struggles of these early pioneers from Recife, Brazil, who survived the Inquisition, pirates, poverty, and anti-Semitism to put down roots in a new land of freedom.

The project comes first as a welcome relief to the tension of their own situation and then as inspiration, showing eternal Jewish courage when faced with adversity.

Another winning read by Chaya Spiegel, author of Search for the Lost Children.

Adult reading.



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