USB Card Reader

My computer doesn’t come with and card ports, and I have two different SD cards that I often need to connect to my computer.

I have a Canon Elph camera, which can connect via USB, but it’s not the standard USB charger that I have lying around all over my apartment. So when I want to connect the camera I have to rummage around trying to find the right wire. And even then, it isn’t easy to use, because the camera’s ports and hard to get to.

My phone uses a micro SD card. I can connect using a USB charger, or a mini card reader, but both are annoying, too.

Then I found this on B&H ‘s website one day.


I immediately bought it and have had no regrets. How could you – it’s so cheap! It’s easy to store, find, and use, and works for both mini and regular SD cards. I used it to import this picture for this blog post.


Here’s a link to the item on B&H’s site.


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