Kitchen Scale

I’d heard people mention that they had a kitchen scale, but I never knew what the point was before. Who measures things by weight in the kitchen?

But the truth is, I do. I realized this when I was portioning fresh chicken, before freezing it. I buy a few trays of chicken at a time, and freeze it into the amount I need for individual suppers. I usually do this by eye. Then I ran out of sandwich bags, and when I had to use other sizes, I realized that I had no idea how much to put in each bag. I tried putting a bag in each hand to try to weigh it, to see if the bags were even, but that didn’t work too well.

I took a look on amazon, and was surprised to see how cheap good kitchen scales are. I got mine for $10. It works perfectly – and its kind of fun to use, too. I actually haven’t used it for chicken yet, but have found some other uses.

Ever made a recipe that called for 8 oz of noodles, when you only had a 10 oz bag?


I’ve used this when making half a box of pasta. I want to make sure the box will last two suppers, and it’s very hard to judge by eye if I left enough for the next time.


I made a batch of brownies that called for 12 oz of real chocolate. I didn’t realize how much that was – it’s a lot! So I scrounged around my fridge for the tiny pieces of pareve chocolate left from Purim and, adding that to a couple of bars and some chocolate chips, managed to collect 12 oz. I wouldn’t have figured that out without the scale.



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