Wraps for Brunch

Do you ever open a package of wraps and then realize there is no way you’re going to finish them before they get stale? Here’s a way to use up wraps – and you can make this recipe when they are already slightly stale.

Start with spraying a large frying pan with PAM or another cooking spray. Turn on the flame to medium-low and drop a wrap into the pan.


Leave it for a few minutes while you prepare toppings. My husband likes onions, so I had sauted some beforehand, and I like mushrooms, onions, and parsley spread (like a light version of pesto).

Add the toppings.



Crack an egg into a glass while the wrap continues to warm. Add some salt and pepper.


Carefully pour the egg over the toppings so that it covers most of the surface, spreading it with a fork if you need to.



I like cheese in my eggs, so for my meal, I added some muenster cheese.


Take a second wrap and put it over the first one. At this point, you may want to spray some PAM underneath the first wrap, and definitely spray some over the second.


Let the wraps sit for a few minutes so the egg will start to cook. Then, carefully, use a spatula to flip them over.


Let the wraps sit a few minutes longer, until the egg peeking out is completely cooked, and the wraps are both slightly brown.

Eat and enjoy!




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