Baking Neatly and Easily

I prefer baked to fried chicken, and most of my recipes go something like this:

  • Cut chicken into small pieces
  • Dip chunks into sauce
  • Dip saucy chunks into crumbs

That’s too much work, and too much mess. So instead, I do this.

  • Prepare sauce in a bowl
  • Cut chicken pieces directly into that bowl, and mix
  • Get out foil pan, and line it with wax paper
  • Press the paper down into the corners, and clip it to the foil pan, like this:


I get these clips from Dollar Tree.

  • Spray the foil pan with PAM or any oil based spray
  • Sprinkle the crumbs onto the paper. The spray makes the crumbs stick. If you don’t spray, the crumbs will just fall into the middle of the pan
  • Pour the chicken into the pan and spread it out evenly


  • Sprinkle crumbs over the top of the chicken. Using the cover of the crumbs container to sprinkle keeps too much from coming out at once


This works great for other things, too. For example, my lukshen kugel is mixed in a pot, and then poured into a lined foil pan. Clips keep the paper from moving while I pour.


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