Freezing Chicken Soup

I make  a big pot of chicken soup every few weeks, and freeze it in portions. It took a while until I figured out this method, which enables me to do it neatly and without taking up too much space in my freezer.

I start by taking out a 32 oz container and a few gallon-size ziplock bags.


Then I take one bag and open it, and press it into the container, wrapping the top around the brim.


I pour soup and vegetables into the container, until it is pretty much full.


A lot of people choose not to freeze vegetables because they get very mushy, with the exception of onions. I don’t mind the mushiness, and neither does my baby. This much soup is enough for us (2 adults, one baby) and a guest.

Then I pull up the top of the bag and zip it up.


Then I move it into a second bag, to prevent it from leaking in the freezer.

IMG_0593 Once the soup is frozen, you can open and reseal the bags to remove extra air, so the bags will take up less space.


If you the bags are wet, they may stick together when frozen, so either dry them or freeze in separate parts of the freezer.

Using a container helps you figure out how much soup you need, and prevents the bags from spilling as you fill them.

If you aren’t adding vegetables, you will need less soup per person, and may be able to use a smaller bag or container.

If you have less than you need for Shabbos at the end, freeze it separately to add to recipes calling for chicken broth.


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