What To Do With Corn

We really like corn. We can eat it straight out of a can or on the cob. Here are some more ideas of what to do with it, especially if you don’t have a whole can. It spoils in only a few days.

In this post, I’ll include ideas and links to future posts with recipes. Some of these are super simple while other will require a pot and multiple ingredients.

  1. Toss into a vegetable salad
  2. Toss with cold pasta salad, with other add-ins
  3. Use as a pizza topping, or on a wrap
  4. Add to mac and cheese to create an extra portion
  5. Make into corn salad – use your favorite recipe, or just toss with mayo and some spices
  6. Add to chopped meat recipes
  7. Add to stir fry or lo-mein
  8. Use in a soup, for example, this one



One Comment Add yours

  1. renabf says:

    Great ideas!

    We love a cream of corn soup. Cooked corn, water, some milk and spices is all you need


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