Saving on Peanut Butter – Neatly

I buy my peanut butter from Costco. At $11.49 for 96 ounces, it’s cheaper even if you add on the $3 shipping fee, rather than buying from a regular grocery store. It lasts pretty long, but you have to check the sell by dates when you buy, and use your oldest jar first, if you don’t use it that often.

One thing I hate about peanut butter, and especially these jars, is reaching in once the jar isn’t full anymore. No matter how careful I am, I always get peanut butter on myself. And with a deep jar, it’s impossible to get most of the peanut butter out without sticking your hand into the jar, because it’s too deep for a knife. I’m sure this peanut butter is sold so cheaply because they assume people will throw it out once they get halfway down.

So instead, I transfer the peanut butter out.


I take a normal 16 ounce container and fill it, using a large soup spoon or spatula. Yes, I get dirty once, but after that, not until my container is empty. Any knife can reach the bottom of a regular container, because the neck is wide.

And it fits in my desk drawer at work, too.


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