Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Chaya Stamm, and I’m a Kollel wife and mother, living in Brooklyn, NY, and I’m a web developer for B&H Photo. I like to experiment in the kitchen, write, and spend time with my family.

My work hours are long, so finding time to cook and take care of my house can be challenging. I’ll be sharing recipes and time-saving strategies, budgeting tips and sales I hear about, interesting stories, and whatever else seems worth sharing.

In addition to being limited by time, I also have other constraints when it comes to cooking. I have acid reflux, which means there are a lot of foods and ingredients I can’t use:

Chocolate (including cocoa)

Coffee or anything with caffeine

Tomatoes (including ketchup, tomato sauce, etc, though I will sometimes use barbecue sauce in limited quantities)

Fruit (except avocado, including lemon juice)

Spicy foods

I don’t buy any expensive meats – our meat is limited to chopped meat and cold cuts. I don’t buy fancy cheeses – just the shredded kind that goes on sale for $2 a bag every few months. I also don’t buy too many different kinds of spices.

I have a very small kitchen that I try to keep clutter-free, so I don’t use a food processor (I do have a vegetable chopper, which comes with many useful blades, which I use instead) and keep my mixer in a closet most of the time.

So, most of the recipes I’ll be posting will be simple, quick, easily made in a small area, and inexpensive. I hope you enjoy!

You can read about my writing here.